Track / Overview

Topological Data Analysis (TDA) and Topological Machine Learning (TML) comprise a set of powerful techniques whose ability to extract robust geometric information has led to novel insights in the analysis of complex data.

Topology is concerned with understanding the global shape and structure of objects. When applied to data, topological methods provide a natural complement to conventional machine learning approaches, which tend to rely on local properties of the data. The main strengths of TDA/TML include their robustness to noise and ability to succinctly capture multi-scale behaviour.

Topological techniques have found great success in domains ranging from network science to drug and materials design, visualisation and dimensionality reduction, neuroscience, and time series analysis. Recently, connections between topology and deep learning have been explored, revealing promising avenues into regularization, interpretability, and protection from adversarial attacks.

This track will provide an accessible introduction to the use of topology in data science and machine learning. Via a selection of use cases from experts in the field, this track will showcase the benefits of integrating TDA and TML into traditional data science workflows.

Track / Schedule

Topological adventures in machine learning

With Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Learning linear representation of persistence diagrams: some mathematical aspects and applications

With Frédéric Chazal

Geometric and Topological Data Analysis for Materials Discovery

With Vitaliy Kurlin

Introduction to topology-based graph classification

With Bastian Rieck


Topology and Language

With Leland McInnes

Applications of Computational Topology to Time Series Analysis

With Nicole Sanderson

Panel discussion with Q&A session

With Kathryn Hess Bellwald, Leland McInnes, Vitaliy Kurlin, Umberto Lupo, Bastian Rieck, Nicole Sanderson & Frédéric Chazal

Closing remarks

With Umberto Lupo

Track / Speakers

Umberto Lupo

Research Scientist, L2F

Vitaliy Kurlin

Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Leland McInnes

Researcher, Tutte Institute

Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Professor, EPFL

Nicole Sanderson

Postdoctoral Scholar, LBNL

Bastian Rieck

Senior Assistant, ETH Zurich

Frédéric Chazal

Research Director, Inria

Track / Co-organizers

Matteo Caorsi

Chief Scientist, L2F SA

Thomas Boys

The voice behind Giotto, L2F

Umberto Lupo

Research Scientist, L2F

Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Professor, EPFL

AMLD EPFL 2020 / Tracks & talks

AI & Climate Change

Lynn Kaack, Nikola Milojevic-Dupont, Nicholas Jones, Felix Creutzig, Buffy Price, Slava Jankin, Olivier Corradi, Liam F. Beiser-McGrath, Marius Zumwald, Eniko Székely, Max Callaghan, Soon Hoe Lim, Mohamed Kafsi, Daniel de Barros Soares, Matthias Meyer, Chris Heinrich, Emmanouil Thrampoulidis, Marta Gonzalez, Kristina Orehounig, David Dao, Bibek Paudel

13:30-17:00 January 2709:00-12:30 January 285ABC

AI & Humanitarian Action

Neil Davison, Max Tegmark, Carmela Troncoso, Alessandro Mantelero, Michela D'Onofrio, Francois Fleuret, Amina Chebira, John C. Havens, Marc Brockschmidt, Helen Toner, Dustin Lewis, Subhashis Banerjee, Rebeca Moreno Jimenez, Netta Goussac, Volkan Cevher, Anika Schumann, Nadia Marsan, Massimo Marelli, Anja Kaspersen

09:00-17:00 January 283A

AI & Cities 2020

Konstantin Klemmer, Shin Alexandre Koseki, Eun-Kyeong Kim, Nicholas Jones, Kamil Kaczmarek, Kiran Zahra, Roger Fischer, Doori Oh, Ran Goldblatt, Martí Bosch, Roman Prokofyev, Dmitry Kudinov, Camille Lechot, Ellie Cosgrave, Javier Pérez Trufero, Layik Hama, Hoda Allahbakhshi, Marta Gonzalez, Valery Fischer, Emmanouil Tranos, Jens Kandt, Yussuf Said Yussuf, Nyalleng Moorosi, Nick Lucius

09:00-17:00 January 281BC

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