Nicholas Kelley

Data Science & AI Advisor, Novartis Digital Office

Nicholas Kelley is the Data Science & A.I. advisor to the Novartis Digital Office. His role is to both identify and pair opportunities with innovative solutions across the pipeline and is leading a number of cross-company initiatives with the single goal of elevating data science at Novartis. These include organic and inorganic capability building, targeted external engagement, community building and new modes of operating to empower data scientists to impact the business in new innovative ways and better develop and attract talent - in addition to his key role in connecting and bringing in new innovative technologies.

Nick has a background as a data science practitioner with a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the Stanford School of Medicine with career experience in computational biology, chem- and bioinformatics, and most recently in the application of A.I. and machine learning in health.

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