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Today, an average marketing team works with ten or more online tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Hootsuite or MailChimp - and with every further channel in a campaign, the landscape gets more complex.

To understand, if and how well a campaign is working, means collecting and analyzing a lot of numbers and reports from all the tools used - a hard, very time consuming and expensive task. This is where nexoya supports. We gather all data and with the help of Machine Learning give context such as detecting anomalies, predicting behaviours and success of campaigns as well as optimize the ROI.

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AMLD EPFL 2020 / Startups

Neural Concept

Neural Concept Shape (NCS) is the commercial and industrial implementation of a software package developed at EPFL’s computer vision laboratory over the last 4 years. NCS is the first Deep-Learning software specifically tailored for Computer Assisted Engineering application.

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We are engineers and data scientists on a mission to democratize the use of machine learning in the industry.

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We are a consulting and product development company in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our clients are among the largest Swiss and European companies, and we help them accelerate their Machine Learning adoption by identifying their highest-value opportunities, developing tailored AI/ML solutions and organizing educational workshops.

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