From Big Data to a Virtual Power Plant

14:19-14:31, January 27 @ 2BC

Talk/ Overview

As the need to cut drastically our CO2 emissions continuously grows, the reliance of our societies on renewable energy sources increases. In this context, the instability inherent to renewable energy sources like sun and wind power induces fluctuations on the on the energy supply and brings challenges to the grid. Flexible data-driven technologies make it possible to create huge storage networks capable of reacting intelligently to these fluctuations, in particular, by connecting electrical equipment of residential customers (like heating, cooling, storage, solar..). This is known as a virtual power plant (VPP). 
This talk will address how such VPPs are built using high resolution data and which value it does bring to the individual and the society.

Talk/ Speakers

Sabine Vincent

Data Scientist, tiko Energy Solutions AG

Florian Hochstrasser

Data Scientist, tiko

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