Human-centric AI challenges and opportunities

14:30-14:50, January 27 @ 2A

Talk/ Overview

In this talk, Sabrina will argue that applications that are able to understand constraints (in the form of goals, preferences, norms and usage restrictions), together with trust and transparency mechanisms, will give citizens more control over how their data is utilised, and will foster trustworthiness in data science. In particular, she will focus on: (i) The suitability of existing policy language for representing a variety of usage constraints; (ii) The use of knowledge graphs and reasoning techniques to provide support for automated compliance checking; and (iii) The extension of existing trust and transparency mechanisms to support human-centric artificial intelligence.

Talk/ Speakers

Sabrina Kirrane

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Vienna University of Economics and Business

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Human-centric AI challenges and opportunities

With Sabrina KirranePublished March 12, 2020

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