Improving air traffic control capacity planning with ML solutions

11:36-11:54, January 28

Talk/ Overview

Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) is the process to organize the available resources (i.e. the capacity) to be able to cope with and adapt the upcoming air traffic (i.e. the demand); essentially to ahead of time reduce the potential for congestion. In particular, ATFCM is concerned with managing airspace demand, specifically the number of flights handled by Air Traffic Controllers in a given volume of airspace (sector). Effective decision-making requires accurate sector demand predictions, however, sector demand predictions used by current ATCFM decision support systems contain significant uncertainty stemming from a diverse and complex set of causes. 

Talk/ Speakers

Ramon Dalmau

Data Scientist, EUROCONTROL

Seddik Belkoura

Data Science Expert

AMLD / Global partners