Innovation in HR: applications of AI in recruitment and organizational development

16:30-17:00, January 29 @ 4A

Talk/ Overview

With an exponentially growing use of human-machine interfaces, society needs trusted, accurate and fast behavioural intelligence tools. Vima has combined the latest advances in computer vision, speech processing, AI/ML and psychology to unlock new opportunities in human resources, automotive, fintech, market research, safety and other industries. Thanks to an automated, scalable and minimally biased evaluation of soft skills, personalities and emotional reactions of humans, Vima aims to be the "Intel Inside" of behavioural intelligence. In HR, the tools are applied in (i) recruitment to select the best-matching candidates for a company, a job or a team and (ii) organisational development to monitor the impact of training modules, help employees improve and increase team performance.

Talk/ Speakers

Philippe Labouchère

Business Development Manager, Vima

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