Panel - Exploring the role of regulatory policy & possible ways forward

15:20-17:00, January 29 @ 3BC

Talk/ Overview

This dialogue between high-level policymakers & business representatives will:

  • highlight specific challenges from a governance perspective for developing a regulatory framework
    for AI.
  • show how these challenges are currently being tackled at a national & international level; and
  • explore what is the best way forward for AI policy to take into account societal concerns & yet allow innovation & competition to thrive.

We will also explore questions such as:

  • What role can policy frameworks play to instill trust in AI?
  • How can governance help companies to get predictability and manage reputational risks?
  • Is there a role for AI to deliver better governance?

The audience will have a chance to interact &  provide input through a Q&A session.

Talk/ Speakers

Ayisha Piotti

CO Founder & Managing Partner, RegHorizon

Thomas Schneider

Ambassador and Director International Affairs at the Swiss Federal Office of Communication

Wayne Grixti

CTO, Malta Digital Innovation Authority & Chairman, Malta.AI Taskforce

David Campos

eBusiness, Digital and IT General Counsel and Group Data Privacy Officer, Nestle

Anna Wippel

Business Development Manager Cognitive Systems, IBM Client Center Zürich

Eva Thelisson

Visiting Scholar, MIT & Co-Founder, AI Transparency Institute

AMLD / Global partners