Panel - Understanding societal and business concerns generated by the rapid development of AI technologies

13:30-15:00, January 29 @ 3BC

Talk/ Overview

Interactive exchange featuring representatives from business, regulators and academia, this panel will aim to:

  • Take stock of global landscape of ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • Identify concerns the AI use is generating in society and highlight the need for responsible AI.
  • Discuss the challenges the business is facing when using AI and suggest areas for further policy development to protect competition, innovation and growth. 

Furthermore, we will discuss questions such as: 

  • How businesses can ensure ethics is addressed beyond window-dressing.
  • What role benchmarks and certifications may have in building trust in AI applications for both business and consumers.
  • How to build a trustworthy human-tech partnership.

The audience will have the opportunity to interact with the panel in a Q&A session.

Talk/ Speakers

Sanja Fabrio

Managing Director, RegHorizon

Stefan Ravizza

Innovation Consultant, Leader and Data Scientist, IBM

Ron Chrisley

Visiting Scholar, the Institute for Human-Centered AI Stanford University

Jesper Soederberg

Lead Producer, Creative Play Lab, LEGO System

Anna Jobin

Researcher, Health Ethics & Policy Lab, ETH Zurich

Hugh Taylor

External Affairs Director for United Kingdom Accreditation Service

Charles Radclyffe

Head of AI, Fidelity International

AMLD / Global partners