Spotlight: Keeping Children Safe Online, A Dive into Social Media Post Analysis

14:20-14:30, January 28 @ 5ABC

Talk/ Overview

What does it take to analyse children's interactions online on social media and chat applications? Because relying on traditional methods to analyse “OMG ILU so muuuuuuuuuuuuch 💓💓💓“ doesn’t prove to be really effective... Come and see how we gathered specialised datasets, trained new embeddings, experimented with BPE encodings, fought biases and optimised those models to run on mobile devices. We have a lot of learning to share from a real-life industry project that led to the deployment of a nationwide application meant to keep children safe online in the UK.

Talk/ Speakers

François Helg

CTO, Privately

Talk/ Slides

Download the slides for this talk.Download ( PDF, 2585.81 MB)

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