AI & Governance

13:30-17:00, January 29

Track / Overview

The aim of the track on AI & Governance is to explore policy frameworks in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), identify related business and societal concerns and take a look at innovative ways to address regulatory gaps.

The AI & Governance track will include high-level experts from industry, academia, policy makers, innovators and civil society from Switzerland and abroad. Full program and the key speakers will be announced soon.

We want to make this discussion the most relevant to you so please tell us a bit more about AI policy challenges that your company faces. To take part in this 5 minute questionnaire, please follow the link:  Thank you in advance for your answers and look forward to welcome you to AI & Governance Track on January 29th.

Track / Schedule

Track / Speakers

Dimitrios Psarrakis

Innovation and Technology Policy Specialist, European Parliament

Charles Radclyffe

Head of AI, Fidelity International

Hugh Taylor

External Affairs Director for United Kingdom Accreditation Service

Anna Jobin

Researcher, Health Ethics & Policy Lab, ETH Zurich

Ron Chrisley

Visiting Scholar, the Institute for Human-Centered AI Stanford University

Anna Wippel

Business Development Manager Cognitive Systems, IBM Client Center Zürich

David Campos

eBusiness, Digital and IT General Counsel and Group Data Privacy Officer, Nestle

Wayne Grixti

CTO, Malta Digital Innovation Authority & Chairman, Malta.AI Taskforce

Track / Co-organizers

Sanja Fabrio

Managing Director, RegHorizon

Ayisha Piotti

CO Founder & Managing Partner, RegHorizon

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