A Conceptual Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

09:00-12:30, January 25

Workshop / Overview

In this workshop we will introduce the important concepts and methodologies that underpin (deep) Reinforcement Learning, using a single (straightforward) running example (sliding puzzle).


  • What is RL and how is it different from other AI topics?
  • The RL vocabulary:  states, actions, rewards and policies
  • Value functions and the Bellman equations
  • Solving an RL problem:  Dynamic Programming and Q-learning
  • Scaling up RL: function approximations in deep RL

Workshop / Outcome

Participants will have an intermediate understanding of RL concepts and methodologies that will enable them to access recent literature and apply RL methodologies to similar problems. 

Workshop / Difficulty

Beginner level

Workshop / Prerequisites

  • Python programming
  • Google account (for using Colab)
  • Own laptop with a modern browser

Track / Co-organizers

Bram Vandendriessche

Evolutionary Architect, ToThePoint

Kevin Smeyers

Evolutionary Architect, ToThePoint

Katrien Van Meulder

Evolutionary Architect, ToThePoint

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