NLPeasy - Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data

09:00-12:30, January 25

Workshop / Overview

Knowledge in most organisations is often only available as unstructured text in E-Mails, CRM entries, wiki articles etc.

Harnessing this knowledge and making it available to the users that need it most is a challenging problem. Advances in machine learning and, in particular, NLP open new possibilities for doing intelligent and efficient knowledge management.

In this hands-on tutorial we will present how to use our open source software NLPeasy: quickly setup Pandas-based pipelines, enhanced with ML-Methods and pre-trained models (e.g. word embeddings, sentiment analysis). The results can then be saved in Elasticsearch, and Kibana dashboards can be automatically generated to explore the texts and results.

You will be lead from installation of the necessary tools, setting up a simple yet powerful NLP pipeline to ingesting texts into Elasticsearch. Then you will explore generated Kibana Dashboards for visualisation and adapt these.

We also will show how we used this approach successfully in different use-cases.

Workshop / Outcome

Participants will be able to explore and handle Data mixed out of structured and textual features using the open source software NLPeasy.

Workshop / Difficulty

Beginner level

Workshop / Prerequisites

  • Basic Pandas and Python
  • No previous NLP-Knowledge needed
  • Own laptop

Track / Co-organizers

Jürgen Schwärzler

Senior Consultant, D|ONE

Philipp Thomann

Senior Consultant, D|ONE

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