Anne-Florence Bitbol

Assistant Professor, EPFL
Portrait image of  Anne-Florence Bitbol

Anne-Florence Bitbol is an Assistant Professor at EPFL, where she leads the Laboratory of Computational Biology and Theoretical Biophysics, within the Institute of Bioengineering and the School of Life Sciences, also affiliated to the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. After studying physics at ENS Lyon and Universite de Paris, she did a postdoc at Princeton University. In 2016 she became a CNRS researcher, before joining EPFL in 2020.

Anne-Florence is broadly interested in understanding biological phenomena through physical concepts and mathematical and computational tools. She investigates the impacts of optimization and historical contingency in biological systems, from the molecular to the population scales. In particular, she studies how the protein sequence-function relationship is affected by phylogeny and physical constraints, and has proposed methods to predict protein-protein interactions from sequences.

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