Benedikt Ramsauer

Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Swiss Statistical Design & Innovation
Portrait image of  Benedikt Ramsauer

After his master in applied mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne  (EPFL) and a research internship at IBM in Zürich on health monitoring for distributed systems, Benedikt created Swiss Statistical Design & Innovation (Swiss-SDI)  with two fellow university classmates. Their common vision is to bring state of the art data science tools to companies. They have been meeting with teams from various businesses to define and develop tailored data science projects from data valorisation to predictive maintenance ever since. This proximity with leaders as well as field experts allows the data scientist team to understand the multiple challenges that companies face during these processes. In 2019, Benedikt initiated the creation of the Business Data Science Canvas which aims to help companies design well thought out data science projects.

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