Bojie Sheng

Research Fellow, Brunel University London
Portrait image of  Bojie Sheng

Bojie Sheng received his BSc degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University, China in 2008. After he obtained his PhD degree in 2014 in Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, he joined the University of Strathclyde as a research associate.

Bojie is a highly motivated, diligent and responsible researcher specialised in power systems and high voltage engineering, with strong skills in both computer software and hardware development. His research is mainly focused on condition monitoring, defect diagnosis and prognosis for insulation components (such as power cables) as well as lightning protection for power system components.

Bojie joined BIC as a Research Fellow in 2018 and he is currently involved in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous biofouling cleaning system for offshore wind turbine monopile foundations.

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