Can Yildizli

Co-Founder, PRODAFT
Portrait image of  Can Yildizli

Can Yildizli is an entrepreneur and a street photographer. He started computer programming and at his very early age and focused on computer security around his teenage years. Mr.Yildizli published various academical papers during his career related to cyber security and cryptography. In 2011, Yildizli was awarded "Grand Champion" in a cybercrime forensic competition organized by U.S. Department Of Defense amongst 1147 teams from 52 countries. Yidizli has received “The Outstanding Young Persons” award by JCI in the Science & Technological Development track and elected as one of the Digital Shapers of Switzerland in 2021. Currently, Can (John) is the co-founder of PRODAFT, a Swiss cyber security company which provides cyber security services globally. 

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