Charlette N’Guessan

Environmental Data Solutions Lead, Amini
Portrait image of  Charlette N’Guessan

Charlette N’Guessan is a results-driven data and AI product solutions engineer, propelled by a profound belief in the capacity of technology to positively impact lives. Her journey began in her native Ivory Coast, where she studied Electronic and Computer Science before specializing in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

With significant experience in the AI industry, Charlette is notably recognized as one of the pioneers in the development of facial recognition technology in Africa.

In 2018, she co-founded and led the product development of BACE API, a secure identity verification software utilizing AI-powered facial recognition technology. The primary objective was to combat online identity fraud and address biases associated with facial recognition, particularly those related to skin identification, within the African context. 

Currently, she serves as the Data Solutions and ecosystem Lead for a deep-tech African company, addressing data scarcity in Africa by leveraging AI and Space technology to establish a secure environmental data infrastructure at scale. The mission is to foster economic inclusion for farmers and enhance supply chain resilience in Africa and beyond.

In addition, Charlette is an AI Expert Strategy consultant for the African Union High-Level Panel on Emerging Technologies (APET), leading research and strategy formulation on Data Foundations and use in AI Systems; a crucial component of the African Union continental AI strategy.

A global speaker and advocate for responsible AI, Charlette is a member of Afrokwary, a term crafted by merging 'Africa' and 'Nokware,' meaning 'truth' in Akan language. Afrokwary is a call for voices to reshape the authentic data narrative of Africa.

Charlette has also co-authored publications, including "The AI Book" by Wifey and Fintech Circle (2020) and "The Rising to the Top" Volume IV by IFEES(International Federation of Engineering Education) and GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council).

Her impactful contributions in technology have not only garnered numerous prestigious awards but have also inspired girls and women in STEM especially in Africa. She is the first woman to win the Africa Prize of Engineering awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and is a proud recipient of the Disruptive Technologies Excellence Award from CISO. Additionally, she has been recognized as a Global AI Ambassador for 2023 by SwissCognitive and featured in the list of “80 African Women Advancing Artificial Intelligence in Africa and Around the World “ by African Shapers Media.

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