Charlotte Lindsey Curtet

Director of Digital Transformation and Data, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Portrait image of  Charlotte Lindsey Curtet

Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet has assumed the role of Director of Digital Transformation and Data after eight years as Director of Communication and Information Management. Her responsibilities include developing the ICRC's data model, data analytics and data governance; the design, testing and build of the ICRC's capacity for digital response, services and engagement with stakeholders; and enabling the ICRC's capacity for digital transformation in relation to internal functioning and as a trusted manager of data particularly through data protection. She joined the ICRC in 1993 and has previously held the following positions: the deputy Director of Communication, deputy head of division for policy and Movement relations, Head of the Women and War Project, as well as serving for five years in varous ICRC field delegations. Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet has a degree in business studies and a master's degree in communication management. She is author of Women facing War.

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