Talk / Overview

Advancements in computer vision, machine learning and cloud technology have enabled new opportunities for the cultural sector in exciting ways. With partners from around the world, Google Arts & Culture has launched new initiatives to help promote, share and preserve heritage, from the ancient world to present-day cultures.

Fabricius is a new online tool using machine learning to help everyone write Egyptian hieroglyphs and for researchers in particular during the translation process. This educational tool is accessible in Arabic and English and also provides a step-by-step tutorial to learning more about Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Woolaroo is an experimental web app using the Cloud Vision API to help preserve and promote endangered languages from around the world. Users can simply take a picture of the objects around them and learn the words -- and listen to them pronounced -- in 10 languages. Woolaroo is also accessible in French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Hindi.

Talk / Speakers

Chance Coughenour

Program Manager, Google Arts & Culture

AMLD / Global partners