Portrait image of Eyal Toledano

Eyal Toledano co-founded Zebra Medical Vision and is currently its CTO.
Zebra-Med was founded to help patients, physicians and healthcare providers receive and provide better, faster, more accurate care by using the most advanced machine learning and computer vision tools available. Zebra-Med delivers the largest, open, clinical research platform globally – giving researchers access to millions of anonymized, indexed clinical records, with the aim of accelerating scientific discovery. Their platform shortens development cycles, fosters collaboration and increases the pace of innovation.
Zebra-Med just released their Zebra AI1 service, that uses algorithms to examine your medical scan for 1$. The deep learning engine can examine CT, MRI and other scans and automatically detect lung, liver, heart and bone diseases.

AMLD EPFL 2018 / Speakers

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Laboratory Director and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Research

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Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School of Governance Berlin

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President, EPFL

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Principal Deep Learning Scientist, AWS

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