Talk / Overview

Smartphone-based Cough and Sleep Quality Detection - Filipe Barata, ETH Zurich

Non-Discriminatory Machine Learning through Convex Fairness Criteria - Naman Goel EPFL, Switzerland

Are you serious? Probabilistic Modelling in Deep Neural Networks. - Oliver Dürr, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Smartphone-based Biofeedback Breathing Training for Stress Management - Chen-hsuan Iris Shih, ETH Zurich

Product of Experts in Programming by Demonstration - Emmanuel Pignat, Idiap Research Institute

Transcription of 18th century handwritten Venetian script combining convolutional and recurrent neural networks - Sofia Ares Oliveira, EPFL Digital Humanities Laboratory

A Machine Learning Approach for Automated Peripheral Nerve Segmentation - Fabian Balsiger Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics, University of Bern

CarML: Cognitive ARtifacts for Machine Learning - Abdul Dakkak, UIUC

Small Molecule Accurate Recognition Technology (SMART): A Digital Frontier to Reshape Natural Product Research - Nicholas Roberts, University of California San Diego

Efficient Use of Limited-Memory Accelerators for Linear Learning on Heterogeneous Systems - Celestine Dünner, IBM Research, Zurich

Bites’n’Bits: Inferring Eating Behavior from a Mobile App Daniel Gatica-Perez - Idiap-EPFL

PSFGAN: A conditional GAN separates quasars from host galaxies Dominic Stark - ETH Zürich

Wikipedia Graph Mining: Dynamic Structure of Collective Memory - Volodymyr Miz, EPFL

Predictive Modeling of Immuno-virologic outcomes from cART Medication Adherence among HIV infected Adults in Lausanne, Switzerland - Susan Kamal, University of Geneva

“Found in Translation”: Predicting Outcomes of Complex Organic Chemistry Reactions using Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Models - Theophile Gaudin, IBM Research, Zurich

Aspect based sentiment analysis - Araz Yaqubov, Logitech

Detecting incidents of displacement through machine learning and natural language processing - Leonardo Milano IDMC, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

Optimizing district voting - Samuel Beuret, Kiran Bacsa, Valentine Santarelli EPFL

They say it’s risky, should I go? - Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier, Arnaud Lesimple, Brune Bastide, EPFL

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