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Logitech is a Consumer Electronics company with global headquarters on the EPFL campus, home of its Borel Innovation Center where 300+ designers, engineers, scientist, product and innovation managers collaborate to deliver unique user experiences.

Celebrating 40 years in 2021, Logitech unleashes consumers' potential with user-centered solutions in productivity, mobility, education, gaming & eSports, video collaboration, streaming & broadcasting, music, digital creation and many other fields application.

On site, R&D and CTO teams span a wide range of technologies from low power electronics, wireless communications, mechatronics, materials, etc. to embedded SW and Machine Learning, Audio & Speech processing, Computer Vision & Imaging, Data Science & Analytics, Ergonomics & Neurosciences, AR & VR, Security & Robotics, etc.. from state of the art research to technology platform development.

Spin-off from EPFL, Logitech has remained a long-term partner through scientific collaboration, research projects and large internship programs.

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The Experts in Machine Learning – Custom Workflow-Automation Software

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EPFL Extension School

The EPFL Extension School exists to meet the growing needs in digital skills.

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Swisscom is a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland

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