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Since 2017, Anja Kaspersen has been the UN Director for the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs in Geneva and the Deputy Secretary General of the Conference on Disarmament. She was the former Head of Strategic Engagement and New Technologies at the International Committee of the Red Cross., responsible for issues related to digital transformation, innovation, cyber and data security and artificial intelligence. Previously she was with the World Economic Forum as a member of the Executive Committee and Senior Director for Geopolitics and International Security, where she was spearheading the Forum`s work on geo-economics, humanitarian affairs, the Arctic, cyber security, sustainable industry value networks, and new technologies. Former positions include a varied and interdisciplinary career, spanning across the globe, as a diplomat for the Norwegian Government, where she was overseeing key national security agendas, were instrumental in delivering a strategic partnership with the ASEAN and served as Director of Multidimensional Peace Operations. She has also worked for the United Nations system on issues pertaining to peacekeeping, humanitarian affairs and development affairs and with the European Union on electoral affairs. She is the former Director of the UN Programme at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs. She is a published author and commentator on issues related to world affairs, digital security, arms control and technology. Ms. Kaspersen began her career in the retail, transport and mobility industry.

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