Portrait image of Daniel Delahaye

Pr Daniel Delahaye is the head of the optimization and machine learning group of the ENAC Laboratory  (French Civil Aviation University). He obtained his engineer degree from the ENAC school and did a master of science in signal processing from the national polytechnic institute of Toulouse in 1991. His obtained his
PH.D in automatic control from the aeronautic and space national
school in 1995 and did a post-doc at the Department of Aeronautics and
Astronautics at MIT in 1996. He get his tenure in applied mathematics in 2012. He conducts researches on mathematical optimization for airspace design and traffic assignment and works on air traffic complexity for more than 12 years with NASA. He is also very active on aircraft trajectory design for strategic, pre-tactical and tactical applications. He collaborates with MIT, Georgia Tech and
NASA (USA). Pr Delahaye is also in charge of a research chair (AI for Air Traffic Management and Large Scale Urban Mobility)  in the new AI Institute  of Toulouse : ANITI.

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