Portrait image of Luca Baldassarre

Luca joined Swiss Re in September 2019 as Lead Data Scientist of the Digital and Smart Analytics team, enabling the digital transformation of the company via end-to-end data science.

From 2016 to 2019, Luca built and led the data science team at Gamaya, a precision agriculture start-up that combines hyper-spectral aerial imagery and machine learning to help better understand their crops. Prior to this, Luca worked at EPFL on new models for compressive sensing and signal processing, and the development of new optimization algorithms. Here he filed a patent on a machine learning-based approach for improving the scan-time and reconstruction quality of several imaging methods. He also worked at the Department of Computer Science of University College London where he conducted fundamental research on optimization and machine learning, with applications to reinforcement learning and brain decoding based on fMRI imaging. 

Luca’s PhD in Machine learning from the University of Genoa, Italy, focused on the theoretical and computational aspects of machine learning models for the simultaneous prediction of multiple related outputs, with applications in robotics and bio-medical diagnosis. Luca has published 40+ scientific papers with over 600 citations.

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