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Ms. Hu serves as the CTO and Co-Founder of One Concern, a Resilience as a Service solution provider that brings disaster science together with machine learning, for better decision-making. As the CTO for One Concern, Ms. Hu leads the company’s diverse team of technology specialists and hazard scientists, as they combine ML and human learning to predict the impact of natural disasters including earthquakes and floods. Ms. Hu was recently named to Inc. Magazine’s Female Founders 100 list, recognizing the most innovative female founders in America. In 2016, Forbes named Ms. Hu one of the world’s top innovators in its “30 Under 30” edition. Prior to launching One Concern with her co-founders, Ahmad Wani and Tim Frank, Ms. Hu, who is of Chinese descent and grew up in India, was one of the first AI software developers for India’s Amazon competitor, Flipkart. Ms. Hu received her Master’s degree in machine learning from Stanford, where she studied under noted AI pioneer, Andrew Ng.

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