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The quality of fresh agricultural produce is a crucial factor in buyers' decisions. Yet due to its time evolving nature and the lack of means to describe and compare quality on a granular batch level, it is manifested in the supply chain via suppliers’ reputation and trust. The inability of the selling side to offer quality guarantees translates into customers’ dissatisfaction and claims risk, with a complete waste of the shipment in the worse case scenario. To this end, AgriNorm is developing a simple data driven solution for estimating quality along various KPIs and predicting its evolution. Our solution can be used by various players along the fresh supply chain to reduce quality risk and waste. It can also allow insurance & financial institutions to develop new products in this space.

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Neural Concept

Neural Concept Shape (NCS) is the commercial and industrial implementation of a software package developed at EPFL’s computer vision laboratory over the last 4 years. NCS is the first Deep-Learning software specifically tailored for Computer Assisted Engineering application.

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We are engineers and data scientists on a mission to democratize the use of machine learning in the industry.

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Visium is a fast-growing Swiss technology company dedicated to solving complex problems with cutting-edge AI of traditional industries like pharma, chemical, FMCG, MEM, banking and energy.

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