Talk / Overview

Doodle, the scheduling platform, brings people together to meet for a variety of reasons e.g. a quick one-on-one, board meetings, sales pitches, interviews, an evening of dungeons and dragons, etc. The more people participate in a meeting, the bigger the problem of finding a good time to meet becomes. We proposed to alleviate this by recommending advantageous time slots to the user to choose from. In this talk, we present the design, architecture and evaluation of such a suggestion service that proposes the best time to meet and how we learn from more than 100 million scheduled meetings.

Talk / Speakers

Henrik Grundmann

Senior Data Scientist, Doodle

Talk / Slides

Download the slides for this talk.Download ( PDF, 1315.84 MB)

Talk / Highlights


Okay doodle, when shall the meeting be scheduled?

With Henrik GrundmannPublished March 12, 2020

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