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POSMO is a mobility platform to understand mobility in all its details. All the movement data is generated directly via our apps. We - Roger Fischer and Valery Fischer - will present the current state of POSMO and share how we built the ML pipeline, the different ML approaches we used, the problems and solutions as well as the data visualizations that helped us to understand the data. And last but not least, we give an outlook: POSMO is more than only technology, POSMO wants to use data and ML to solve real problems in our cities together. That means that we need to create more inclusive and participatory forms and tools which do not yet exist today. 

Talk / Speakers

Valery Fischer

Machine Learning Engineer, Datamap

Roger Fischer

Founder & CEO, Datamap

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POSMO – Mobility Tracking with Machine Learning

With Valery Fischer & Roger FischerPublished March 11, 2020

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