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Nature-based Solutions (NbS) such as forests have the potential to deliver up to a third of the emission reduction required to achieve the Paris Agreement and limit climate change to safe levels. Yet, deforestation rates in Brazil is reaching its highest in decades and it is estimated that humanity has already cut down half of the world's forests. To date NbS they receive less than 3% of available climate funding.

In this talk we introduce Komorebi, a joint research project between ETH Zurich and the Government of Chile, that aims to protect, restore and fund NbS using machine learning systems. We leverage unsupervised learning and data programming on satellite and drone imagery to improve deforestation warning alerts and increase the efficiency of results-based payments for ecosystem services.

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David Dao

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

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Scaling Natural Climate Solutions with Machine Learning

With David DaoPublished March 11, 2020

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