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Being unemployed is a period of life that is typically associated with physical problems, stress, depression. Usually, the longer the unemployment spell, the lower the sense of seekers’ self-efficacy. We designed two technological intervention based on Theory of Planned Behavior to support job-seekers: ReviewCV, is a tool that provides users with expert feedback on their CVs; InterviewApp, is a tool that allows users to train for job interviews. We deployed these tools in a month-long longitudinal study and we asked participants to fill a diary reporting on their experience with the tool. In the talk we will present preliminary findings of the study and discuss implications for the design of tools to support job-seekers.

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Mauro Cherubini

Assistant Professor, UNIL

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Supporting Job-seekers’ efficacy through self-reflection tools

With Mauro CherubiniPublished March 12, 2020

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