Portrait image of Cédric Bleuler

Cédric Bleuler is a Data Scientist that joined Zülhke in September 2019. He is experienced in developing ma- chine learning models and analyzing data rigorously. He holds a MSc ETH in applied Mathematics and was working as a machine learning engineer at a startup before he joined Zühlke. Since then, his mission has been to create valuable solutions for our customers using data analytics and machine learning.

AMLD EPFL 2022 / Speakers

Michael Bronstein

Oxford / Twitter / IDSIA

Max Welling

Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft Research

Samy Bengio

Senior Director, AI and Machine Learning Research, Apple

Regina Barzilay

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Melanie Mitchell

Davis Professor, Santa Fe Institute

Thomas Wolf

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Hugging Face

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