Portrait image of Gilles Labarthe

Swiss journalist, reporter and anthropologist (PhD, Journalism & Media Studies, University of Neuchâtel). I have been working since 2007 as trainer and researcher.

I teach in master classes: investigative journalism methods, ethics, media literacy, freedom of information and transparency laws (Academy of Journalism & Media, University of Neuchâtel, 2014-2016; University of Media & Human Rights, Geneva, 2018-today).

As scientific collaborator, I contributed to national and regional research programs focusing on journalism practices and professionalism (University of Geneva, 2007 and 2017; University of Neuchâtel, 2013-2016). Recently I directed a study concerning ongoing projects to promote information of public interest in Swiss medias (University of Fribourg, 2021).

My PhD thesis was published in 2020: Conducting the investigation. Skills, strategies and tactics of journalists (Mener l'enquête. Arts de faire, stratégies et tactiques d'investigation de journalistes, Ed. Antipodes, Lausanne).

I’m also involved in professional organizations, such as Impressum (Swiss federation of journalists, member of committee) and JournaFonds (Pacte de l’enquête, vice-president).

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