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Isabell Franck has been head of the Analytics and AI and deputy head of the Digital department at Swiss Post Ltd in Bern since mid 2020. Together with her team and as part of Swiss Post's ""Post of Tomorrow"" strategy, Franck aims to identify and scale the potential of digital and analytics solutions at Swiss Post.

She is also founder of franck.AI, a provider of artificial intelligence software for the optimization of complex industrial production processes. The innovative approach of the software ProductionPerfect is a new learning and operation concept which automatically translates expert knowledge into an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The result: Premium recommendations with limited data in real-time. 

Franck is also closely associated with universities and in 2020 she also led and represented the Mechanics & High Performance Computing Group at the Technical University Munich. Beforehand she taught statistics for engineers as an external lecturer at the University of the Bundeswehr. Previously, she gained experience at BMW, Siemens and medium-sized companies.

Franck holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering. During her doctoral work as well as her studies at the University of California Berkeley (USA), Cambridge University (UK) and Technical University of Munich, she delved into the quantification of uncertainties, statistical models and parameter quantification. 

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