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Lisa L Huang, Ph.D., leads the AI team at Fidelity’s AI Center of Excellence for Asset Management. The AI Center of Excellence for Asset Management is focused
 on research and deployment of applications using machine learning for portfolio management and predictive modeling.  
Previously, she was the Head of Investing at Betterment. In her role at Betterment, she led a team responsible for strategic portfolio optimization and personalization,
 investment fund selection, risk modeling and tax aware trading optimization. Prior to Betterment, Dr. Huang was a strategist at a hedge fund in Goldman Sachs. 
Dr. Huang is a contributing author to the books, “Equity Smart Beta and Factor Investing for Practitioners'' and “Handbook of Machine Learning in Financial Markets.
She holds a degree in mathematics from University of California, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard. 

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