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The efficient control of complex dynamical systems has many applications in the natural and applied sciences. In most real-world control problems, both control energy and cost constraints play a significant role. Although such optimal control problems can be formulated within the framework of variational calculus, their solution for complex systems is often analytically and computationally intractable. To overcome this outstanding challenge, we present AI Pontryagin, a versatile control framework based on neural ordinary differential equations that automatically learns control signals that steer high-dimensional dynamical systems towards a desired target state within a specified time interval. We demonstrate the ability of AI Pontryagin to learn control signals that closely resemble those found by corresponding optimal control frameworks in terms of control energy and deviation from the desired target state. Our results suggest that AI Pontryagin is capable of solving a wide range of control and optimization problems, including those that are analytically intractable.

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Thomas Asikis


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