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As a key enabling technology of Industry 4.0, Digital Twin (DT) has been widely applied to various industrial domains covering different lifecycle phases of products and systems. To fully realize the Industry 4.0 vision, it is necessary to integrate multiple relevant DTs of a system according to a specific mission. This requires integrating all available data, information and knowledge related to the system across its entire lifecycle. Semantic technologies such as ontology and knowledge graphs provide potential solutions by empowering DTs with augmented cognitive capabilities. The Cognitive Digital Twin (CDT) concept has been recently proposed which reveals a promising evolution of the current DT concept towards a more intelligent, comprehensive, and full lifecycle representation of complex systems.

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Dimitris Kyritsis

Professor of ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing, EPFL

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Cognitive Digital Twins

With Dimitris KyritsisPublished April 27, 2022

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