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The production of food accounts for about 30% of global carbon emissions. The transformation of our food system for sustainably food supply is one of the most urgent challenges of our times. Food production from the agro-food conversion to consumer foods manufacturing still presents untapped opportunities to increase processing efficiency to cut waste and to reduce energy and water demand. Significant impact could be achieved by optimizing existing production plants implementing Industry 4.0 concepts and the use of actionable, data-derived insights. In order to create global impact, scalability across the large base of installed assets is key. Scalable impact can only be achieved through a combination of (i) a robust, harmonized data foundation of operations data (ii) the integration of industrial manufacturing expertise to identify actionable insights (iii) concrete business value and differentiation potential for the industry, and (iv) an approach to data science focusing on feasibility, simplicity and impact. We demonstrate how different types of analytics can be applied on digital twin data from food and feed manufacturing lines to unlock the potential of data-driven process improvements.

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Matthias Graeber

Head of Data Science, Buhler Group

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