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As a commercial insurer with a large portfolio, we insure millions of industrial and commercial locations such as factories, warehouses, hotels, offices and production plants. In addition to being exposed to Fire, Flood and other Natural Peril risks, these large sites can also pose risks to the people using them and to the environment surrounding them. It is our duty to understand such risks and to advise on mitigating measures. Today, this is done by human inspection of the larger locations, either in person or via satellite imagery. This scales poorly and severly limits our ability to identify and assess high-risk locations. In this talk, we will show a solution to this. It leverages Computer Vision and satellite images to detect risk factors on large industrial sites. We will show how we employ low-shot object detectors, which help us have an agile product. Furthermore, we design a human-in-the-loop system that aids experts in pre-screening locations and identify previously unidentified hazards.

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Ciprian Tomoiagă

Research Scientist Expert

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Enabling Property Risk Intelligence with Earth Observation AI

With Ciprian TomoiagăPublished May 30, 2022

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