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SARA (Superior Analytics for Radio Access) represents AI-based platform built by A1 Telekom Austria Group to support the rollout and operation of the RAN Networks, as well as the technological evolution towards 5G. This scalable, data driven platform includes a wide range of constantly growing data science use cases, whose functioning examples include Smart Capex Planning, Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis, as well as Automated Energy Saving. Smart CAPEX Planning for 4G and 5G automatizes and improves processes of making investment and strategic decisions by incorporating network traffic and performance indicators together with financial aspects into the machine learning frame. Anomaly Detection module takes advantage of data analysis methodologies such as pattern recognition and statistical approaches in order to automate troubleshooting task consisting of three processes: detecting anomalies, analyzing their root causes and triggering adequate recovery actions. Automated Energy Saving enables prediction of the traffic profile on site-sector level for switching off cells in the most efficient way and thereby reducing the energy consumption.

Talk / Speakers

Jelena Tomić

Data Scientist, A1 Telekom Austria Group

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