Portrait image of Jakob Uszkoreit

Together with Rhiju Das, Jakob co-founded Inceptive in 2021 to use deep learning and high-throughput experiments to learn life's languages.

Before Inceptive, he conducted deep learning research in Google Brain, built the language understanding team of the Google Assistant and worked on Google Translate during its early days. Some of his work over the years can be found here.

AMLD EPFL 2019 / Speakers

Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Research

Carmela Troncoso

Professor, EPFL

Jakob Uszkoreit

Co-founder, Inceptive

Garry Kasparov

Chess Grandmaster, Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation

Patrick Barbey

Director, Innovaud

Sharada Mohanty

CEO & Founder, AIcrowd

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