Portrait image of Mohameth François Sy

Mohameth François Sy is a Systems Engineer in the Software Engineering team of the Neuroinformatics Division.

A knowledge engineer and software developer, Mohameth acts as the Semantic Lead of the Neuroinformatics Division. He is focused on providing a well-defined framework for building, reusing and/or maintaining neuroscience related ontologies and vocabularies in coordination with Blue Brain’s internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, he is working on leveraging knowledge consolidated in ontologies for the development of semantic data indexing strategies and, semantic search capabilities in a Neuroinformatics software-as-a-service environment, with the goal of building a large-scale neuroscience knowledge graph.

Before joining Blue Brain, Mohameth was a postdoctoral researcher at Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG) of the Grenoble Alps University, France where he led the development of an ontology-based adaptive learning framework in the context of a French national R&D project.

Mohameth has a PhD, ‘Ontology based information retrieval’ obtained from the LGI2P Lab, Ecole des Mines d’ Ales, University of Montpellier, France and Masters degree in Computer Science from Gaston Berger University, Saint-Louis, Senegal.

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