Portrait image of Raul Popa

Entrepreneur, generalist, problem solver, idea person, AI geek, UX focused, full stack developer, data scientist, social psychologist, husband, father and believer. Techstars NYC alumnus, cofounded multiple startups, launched and grew several innovative products, some reached millions of users and serious MRR without any investment. Passionate about ML, UX, and developer-first businesses, Raul became obsessed with AI/ML long time ago, when it wasn't a buzzword. After researching on a number of complex pattern recognition/machine learning problems Raul decided to dedicate himself to the cause of bringing typing biometrics to the world. Typing biometrics can significantly improve everyone's security without affecting user experience and without relying on limited proprietary hardware and sensors. His startup, TypingDNA, won multiple awards and thier proprietary AI-based technology is considered the state of the art in typing biometrics, 2FA, MFA & adaptive authentication, user behavior analysis and fraud prevention.

AMLD EPFL 2019 / Speakers

Jakob Uszkoreit

Head, Google Brain Berlin

Jeffrey Bohn

Chief Research & Innovation Officer and Head of Research & Engagement, Swiss Re Institute

Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Martin Vetterli

President, EPFL

Sunil Mallya

Principal Deep Learning Scientist, AWS

Frederic Ouwehand

Course Developer, EPFL Extension School

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