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EKZ is one of the largest energy suppliers in Switzerland, covering about 10% of the electricity demand in Switzerland. EKZ is committed to a sustainable future and thus contributes to the 2050 Energy Strategy by investing in renewable energy and energy storage systems and by promoting energy efficiency. Data analytics and machine learning play a key role to various activities of EKZ in this context. Load disaggregation allows for the increase in customer engagement and helps boost energy efficiency. Time-series based load flow calculations utilizing optimization and machine learning techniques are supporting the strategic grid planning in order for the grid to be fit for the future electricity production and demand mix. Decentralized PV & load forecasts are crucial for dealing with the uncertainty and with the variability of PV generation in numerous projects and applications. Finally yet importantly, battery degradation algorithms help us understand and better manage our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

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Angelos Selviaridis

Energy Systems Engineer, EKZ

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Data analytics and machine learning applications for a sustainable energy future

With Angelos SelviaridisPublished March 12, 2020

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