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Robots capable of collaborating with humans will bring transformative changes to the way we live and work. In domains ranging from healthcare to domestic tasks to manufacturing, particularly under conditions where modern automation is ineffective or inapplicable, robots have the potential to increase humans' efficiency, capability, and safety. Despite this, the deployment of collaborative robots into human-dominated environments remains largely infeasible due to challenges involved in ensuring that our autonomous teammates are helpful and safe. In this talk I will be focusing on the importance of explainability and the human-interpretable models that underpin methods for robotic control, discussing new research targeting the establishment of shared expectations between humans and robots, helping to ensure safe and efficient operation in the domains of learning from demonstration and collaborative task execution.

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Bradley Hayes

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder

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Explainable AI for Establishing Shared Expectations During Human-Robot Collaboration

With Bradley HayesPublished March 12, 2020

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