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Supporting flight operations with data has two key elements: first, having a clear picture of what is going on and second knowing how to act optimally given that information. DeepTurnaround, our AI solution that uses Computer Vision for a real-time digitalization of relevant aspects during ground processes, addresses that first element. The second element is tackled by our current MarsShot of bringing Reinforcement Learning to Ops Control Centers (OCC). Given the ever increasing amounts of information provided to flight ops controllers, we believe that additionally showering them with predictions - e.g. for delays, runway closures - will cause more harm than help. "aiOCC" is the name of our project in where we create a tool that preprocesses information and offers live recommendations to flight ops controllers enabling them to take proactive measures to minimize the effect of disruptions on the flight plan.

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Matthias Platho

Principal Data Scientist, zeroG

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