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Julian Nolan, Iprova:
Iprova: Inventing to disrupt  – using AI to help invent next generation products and services.
What is an invention? How can invention become a science rather than an art? How can AI and related technologies be used to transform the way products and services are invented?  And, of course, why should anyone care?  These and other questions will be answered during this talk, which will include an insight into Iprova’s research into data-driven invention, and include example inventions taken from the company’s work with many of the best known technology companies worldwide.

Daniel Neil, Benevolent AI:
Invention & AI: Accelerating the journey from data to medicine
Despite an explosion in scientific research and exponential advances in technology, bringing a new medicine to market takes 10+ years, costs up to $2.5bn and has over a 90% likelihood of failure. It is an industry that represents one of the greatest unmet human needs and is in desperate need for change. Dan Neil will explain how AI can unlock the value of decades of scientific research to create a powerful platform for scientists to explore, better understand disease, and bring effective treatments to patients. 

Talk / Speakers

Daniel Neil

VP of AI, BenevolentAI

Julian Nolan

CEO, Iprova

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