MLOps on AWS: a Hands-On Tutorial

With Gabriele Mazzola, Emanuele Fabbiani, Marco Paruscio, Matteo Moroni, Marta Peroni & Gabriele Orlandi

09:00-13:00 March 262ABC

Close the Gap between Proof-of-Concept and Data Science Product

With Dimira Petrova, Antoni Ivanov & Dako Dakov

10:00-16:00 March 263BC

Designing Effective Visualisations to Communicate Data Stories

With Jacqueline Stählin, Charlotte Cabane, Diana Mitache & Sebastian Baumhauer

10:00-16:00 March 264ABC

Build your Own Data and Machine Learning Apps in Minutes with Streamlit

With Arnaud Miribel

10:00-12:00 March 261BC

(Serious) Time for Time Series

With Marysia Winkels

10:00-12:00 March 265ABC

Machine Learning on Time-Series Signals

With Christine Bolliger, Christoph Kammer, Res Jöhr & Oscar Fernandez

13:30-17:30 March 265ABC

Delivering Data Projects Successfully with DataOps

With Uwe Thümmel, Jonas Stehli, Ramon Braunwarth & Timothy Sondej

14:00-18:00 March 262ABC

Learn to Build Voice Experiences on Alexa

With Sohan Maheshwar

14:00-18:00 March 263A

Who Will Stay and Who Will Go? Predicting Customer Churn with Survival Analysis in Python

With Amalia Spataru, Alessandro Nesti & Elena Tverdokhlebova

14:00-18:00 March 261BC

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

With Syed Talha Shahid, Humera Azam, Twaha Zia, Shaista Rais, Humera Tariq, César Fuentes & Adrian Alan Pol

09:00-17:00 March 274ABC

Graph Neural Networks for Structured Data

With Volodymyr Shtenovych

09:00-17:00 March 275ABC

Spiking Neural Networks for Low-Power Real-Time Inference

With Gregor Lenz, Felix Bauer, Sadique Sheik, Saeid Haghighatshoar, Ugurcan Cakal, Nogay Küpelioğlu, Philipp Weidel & Hannah Bos

09:00-17:00 March 271BC

Visual Disinformation and the Dark Side of Internet Memes

With Raphael Meier, Marco Willi & Michael Graber

09:00-13:00 March 273BC

Algorithmic Decision-Making in Neuroscience: How Can We Improve Algorithmic Interpretability and Reduce Bias?

With Florence Aellen & Athina Tzovara

09:00-13:00 March 271A

Forecasting & Meta-Learning

With Julien Herzen, Florian Ravasi, Guillaume Raille & Gaël Grosch

09:00-13:00 March 272ABC

The Full Machine Learning Lifecycle - How to Use Machine Learning in Production (MLOps) – Morning Session

With Steffen Terhaar, Spyros Cavadias, Roman Moser, Bernhard Vennemann & Tim Rohner

09:00-13:00 March 273A

The Full Machine Learning Lifecycle - How to Use Machine Learning in Production (MLOps) – Afternoon Session (Replica of the Morning Session)

With Steffen Terhaar, Spyros Cavadias, Bernhard Vennemann, Roman Moser & Tim Rohner

14:00-18:00 March 273A

Unpacking the "Black Box": How to Interpret your Machine Learning Model?

With Marysia Winkels

14:00-18:00 March 272ABC

How to Develop Fair Algorithms? Using the Fairness Lab Tool

With Johan Rochel, Joachim Baumann & Corinna Hertweck

14:00-18:00 March 273BC

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