Portrait image of Hicham El Habti

Hicham El Habti is the President of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. With a combination of both corporate as well as education management and administration skills and leadership capabilities, he continues fostering organizational Development, leading formulation and implementation of the university’s strategic vision and transformation aspirations, promoting the implementation of effective procedures and institutional reforms and building impactful collaborations and linkages at the local and international levels.

Hicham El Habti has extensive education, experience and background in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Hicham El Habti also holds an engineering degree from l’Ecole Normale des Pont et Chaussee, Paris in Economics, Management and Finance.

AMLD Africa 2022 / Speakers

Tariq Daouda

Head of AI for biomedical applications, Faculty of Medicine, UM6P

Ghita Mezzour

Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Administration Reform, Kingdom of Morocco

Hicham El Habti

President, Mohammed 6 Polytechnic University

Abdel Labbi

Program Director, IBM Research

Hassan Chafi

Vice President, Advanced Research And Development, Oracle

Walid Daou

AI Lead, OCP

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